Mexico The right choice.

Looking for a new place to build
your next industrial project? 

Expand your business to the world and unlock new opportunities for growth and global reach.

Mexico and Canada’s relationship in the manufacturing sector has had a significant impact on overall productivity. With their inclusion, companies now produce specialized exports at lower costs with an efficient workforce focused on creating quality products.

Your staff will be the next major expense you manage in Mexico. That includes basic wages, which can vary widely by skill level and location from $2 per hour for unskilled labor to $13.

WTC Premium Industrial Park is the perfect place to establish your manufacturing business. With a skilled workforce and qualified professionals ready to join global companies.

Mexico is a beautiful country that offers many opportunities for those looking to start their career or live abroad. The quality of life in San Luis Potosi, specifically with its large international community and welcoming people, makes this region an excellent choice when considering moving to a new adventure.

Talented Workforce
Improve Your Business Efficiency.

Mexico remains a stable country for those seeking to employ manufacturing labor. This is due in part to the growing economy and high employment rates, which are projected to 2060, when they will be more consistent with international standards.

Sixty-six percent (66%) of the Mexican population is currently living in active income status; this number is expected to continue to increase through 2030 before finally declining or stabilizing at some point in the future.
Strategic Location
In the heart of Mexico's Industrial Scene.

It is possible to own your own manufacturing plant in Mexico, but managing all aspects of the facility's infrastructure can be difficult for first-time owners. The best way to avoid headaches and maintain quality control when running such an operation from abroad or locally if you are unfamiliar with Mexican laws will surely make things easier for you when partnering with WTC Premium Industrial Park in San Luis Potosi.
Better quality of life
Superior quality of life.

The university city of San Luis Potosi is home to one of Mexico's premier universities: the Autonomous University. This ancient institution offers students an excellent education while providing access and exposure to the lively atmosphere it alone creates! Recent expansion has spurred growth, modernizing this wonderful place for visitors from near and far who look forward to their stay here, convenient yet elegant accommodations, along with attractive cultural offerings such as museums, sculptures, gardens, architecture, churches, etc.
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San Luis Potosi
In the center of Mexico

Why San Luis Potosi?