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Are you looking for a new place to build your next industrial project? Mexico offers the best conditions for business expansion.

Get ahead of the competition. Expand your business into Mexico.

Mexico is a desirable country to work in because of its high quality labor and skilled workforce.
 After years of investing in their manufacturing sector, companies are beginning nearshore operations at higher rates than ever before due to an increase not just from American employers but also those whose headquarters reside outside our borders such as China or India.


Why Nearshoring to Mexico is a Smart Move for Your Company


There are many benefits of nearshoring to Mexico. Here are some of the top reasons businesses should consider expanding their operations south of the border: 


    WTC Premium Industrial Park is the perfect place to set up your manufacturing business. With a skilled workforce and qualified professionals ready to join the global companies.


    Your people will be the next most significant expense you manage in Mexico. That includes basic wages, which may vary widely depending on skill level and location from USD $2 per hour for unskilled labor to over USD 13.50! 
    The type of industry also plays an important role with companies who operate factories paying higher salaries than those located more remotely or offering service jobs where compensation can range anywhere between 3-$10 USD/HR gross monthly income.


    The relation of Mexico and Canada in the manufacturing sector has had a significant impact on overall productivity. With their inclusion, companies can now produce specialized exports at lower costs with an efficient labor force that understands quality product creation is important for economic success; this allows them more space to diversify into new markets while still maintaining high standards set by current customers who demand top-quality products from these participating nations


    The Mexican economy is a powerhouse in the service sector. Services make up 64% of GDP and employ 61%. The industrial side has 29%, while primary industries only have 3%. This trend continues with growth averaging 2-3%, but due to oil prices falling below $50 USD per barrel (which they did not have previously) AND global economic woes caused by COVID 19 virus cases throughout 2020 - 2021.


    Mexico is a beautiful country that offers many opportunities for those looking to start their career or live abroad. The quality of life in San Luis Potosi, specifically with its large international community and welcoming people makes this region an excellent choice when considering moving downsized into one's next new adventure!

  • USMCA and NFTA

    The updated North American Free Trade Agreement is a modernized version of an already existing deal that aims to facilitate commerce between these three countries. The main takeaway for investors will be the assurance created by USMCA, which provides clarity in challenging economic ties experienced throughout world markets today; it also facilitates all-around trade among member states due their duty free benefits on exports (which includes many types).

Why choose Mexico?


    Mexico has a privileged location as the heart of North America. With over 2 million square kilometers, it is home to some very interesting species and cultures that have been influenced by their surrounding environment for centuries now! Geographically partaking both South American soil and Asian blood through Spanish ancestors; Mexico's culture can best be classified into LatinAmerican roots despite being an independent nation since 1821 when independence from Spain was achieved after many revolutions.


    Mexico is a country that has been making progress for years. The Global Competitiveness Report 2019 ranked Mexico 48th place out of 141 economies in terms of how competitive it was, just behind Chile with its impressive score (33). According to this report’s findings of what makes up an economy's efficiency; one can see many positives such as their openness towards foreign competition and flexibility provided by labor markets alongside easy access financial services all combined together make them easier places than other destinations may offer while also remaining attractive automatically speaking too!


    The manufacturing industry in San Luis Potosi has been on the rise for years, due to its cheap and skilled labor force. The region's perspective market of 45 million people within 215 miles also plays an important factor when attracting manufacturers who want access to this population group through education or employment opportunities at their universities; many public colleges have located themselves here including Monterrey Institute Of Technology And Higher Studies ( MSI), National Technological University (" UT").


    The new USMCA will bring major changes that affect trade, but these are implemented in slow modes. Companies who act now can take advantage of the increased opportunities for international commerce and manufacturing across borders within North America itself!


    Mexico's government is committed to promoting infrastructure development, which it aims at balancing regional growth while also being sustainable. Through increasing the quality of our country’s logistics platforms in strategic sectors like transportation or energy independence; they seek an increase not only productivity but prosperity for all Mexicans as well!


    The emerging economies are catching up with the developed world when it comes to infrastructure development. The top improvers over the last decade were all located in this category, and their success can largely be attributed at least partly because many of them have seen rapid policymaking that led them to prosperity

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