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 Electricity Generation 

Supercharge your business project with our energy solutions

Facilities andEnergy Efficiency

The Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) regulates electricity in Mexico through power purchase arrangements set up with private producers.
Energy for the country comes primarily from oil and natural gas, although renewable resources are playing an increasing role in industrial production as well.
The facilities and energy efficiency of a company are extremely important. In order to maximize profits, it's crucial that you keep up with the latest trends in both categories so your organization can stay at peak performance levels!


WTC Premium Industrial Park; The Smart Choice for nearshoring Manufacturing in Mexico

We develop and operate cost-effective power generation, which contributes positively to the impact of environmental care. Creating immediate and long-term value to the community.
This opportunity is the result of reforms related to the energy sector in Mexico, which has allowed national and international players to look for business opportunities to meet the new requirements of this industry.

With a current loadcapacity of 20 MVA and up to 450 MVA.


Modern, functional,and with a perfect location:

A top-class industrial park with full access to General Cargo and Fuel Terminal.



We have 5 electric power generation engines and a distribution capacity of 20MVA, in addition to the support from our 115 kV National Transmission Network. The voltage is 13.8kV.



At this location, we have a capacity of up to 36 MVA. The voltage is 34 5 kV, which offers complete stability to our clients. We are connected to the National Transmission Network at 230k volts ensuring their safety when using this electrical network.


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